Sunday 19th of March 2023

The Camper Van of Sound- Cultural Quarter Stage: 12pm-5pm

Campervan of Sound is the perfect way to wind down our Patrick’s Day Festival. Hosted by The Knotted Chords the Campervan will offer a collection of amazingly talented Waterford Musicians in a relaxed and mellow environment in the heart of the cultural quarter. The camper van of sound is a must see on Sunday. 

To see them in action, click here.

Cal PacinoApple Market: 1pm-2pm

If you came up in the haze, inhaling herbal wisdom fuller than your cup could contain. Striving to survive suburbia; not to be anaesthetised and homogenized by a drab age of sameness… Cal Pacino’s lyrical feast will make a home in you. Pacino’s undeniable talent transcends time, place, and genre. With a deep rooting in folk music – Cal takes on the soulful role as poet, all nested within the funky-fresh 2020’s kaleidoscope of genres.

Pacino hooks us with expertly produced pop sounds, but only to reel us into the real, spitting matters-of-fact and eternal truths. Flowing effortlessly from soul singing, hinting jazz, and then gliding into raw Irish rapping, he tightropes between transcendent and mundane with a playfulness of a man who knows the craic like his own reflection.

To see him in action, click here.

SANDApple Market: 2pm-3pm

SAND made their name busking on the streets of Wexford, Kilkenny, Waterford and Cork.  They boast a niche and tasteful set that smacks of authenticity and a stubbornness to play anything but the music they want to hear

To see them in action, click here.

The MulligansApple Market: 3pm-4:30pm

The Mulligans are a traditional multi-instrumental Irish trio from Waterford City playing a diverse and eclectic mix of music. Tunes from the Emerald Isle and Brittany intertwine to create “Cool Celtic”.

The ensemble also takes you on a musical world tour from the Deise to Brazil and stopping off at Turkey too! There are songs a plenty too from the dulcet tones of the elder and younger Mulligan. Not forgetting the classics, also expect Haydn and Mozart!

To see them in action, click here.

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