Waterford Parade Winners Announced

The 2023 Waterford St Patrick’s Day Parade truly saw the Best of Waterford with an impressive array of floats and participants taking part in the march from the Quay to the Mall and each represented their respective clubs, groups and communities, and indeed Waterford as a whole, immensely with more than 2,000 people and 70Continue reading “Waterford Parade Winners Announced”

Maewyn Succat – Patricius – St. Patrick.

Following his conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar led two legions to Britain in 55 BC, in 54 BC he returned with five legions believing the land to be rich in silver. Caesar’s expeditions had limited success and it wasn’t until 43 AD that Claudius established a stronger presence which would continue to grow for twoContinue reading “Maewyn Succat – Patricius – St. Patrick.”

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